Item #4822 The Beloved [ Herb Yellin's Copy ]. John Updike.

The Beloved [ Herb Yellin's Copy ]

Northridge California: Lord John Press, 1982. Near Fine+ / No dust jacket issued. Item #4822
ISBN: 0935716157

Numbered 15 out of 100 and signed, in red ink, by John Updike on colophon. Please note that the boards are more beige in color than appears in pictures provided. Beige cloth over black leatherette backs strip. Near Fine+ condition.

From the personal estate of Herb Yellin.

Herb Yellin, widely recognized as one of the most influential publishers in contemporary times, dedicated himself to crafting collector's edition publications. The imprint of his press, Lord John Press, specializes in compiling smaller works from renowned authors—poems, short stories, essays—meticulously presenting them in the highest caliber collector's editions. From page quality to typesetting and cover board designs, Yellin's commitment to excellence was unwavering.

His prolific publishing extended to a significant volume of John Updike's works, leading the author to jest that in the event of losing his library, Herb Yellin could serve as a one-stop replacement. Many collectors valued Yellin's library for the consistent quality it offered. An avid reader and collector himself, Yellin not only published for fellow enthusiasts but also left behind a legacy of books that not only captivate the eye but also provide a tactile pleasure with their superior paper and material quality.

Herb Yellin's personal collection included the coveted #15 of the signed, numbered editions published by Lord John Press. This particular edition, made available through the Herb Yellin estate, holds a special significance due to its provenance.

Collectors and gift givers alike cherish signed editions from Lord John Press, as they present not only exceptional book quality in limited editions but also bear the signature of the author, offering a unique glimpse into their work rarely found in such finely bound presentations.

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