Item #5017 Self-Indulgence [ Framed Signed Comic ]. Jim Davis.

Self-Indulgence [ Framed Signed Comic ]

Jim Davis

Easton Press, 2007. Limited edition of 2000. Framed and ready to hang. Item #5017

Fine wooden frame. In brand new condition, a beautiful and funny Garfield print in full color and signed by author/cartoonist Jim Davis and restricted to a limited print of 2,000.

Professionally framed with a classic Garfield strip personally selected by Jim Davis. Below both is a narrow brass strip with the title: "Garfield Self-Indulgence/ Jim Davis 2007." This Garfield original is printed and matted with acid-free materials, encased under glass in a dark wooden frame, ready to hang. Measures 16 1/2" x 17 1/2" including the frame. Not viewed out of the framing.

Comes with the publisher's issued shipping box and removed from boxed state only to verify the signature. In collectible condition.

The lore of Garfield has undergone a number of renditions throughout the comic's history. There was the webcomic "Garfield Minus Garfield" which removed the character of Garfield from the comics altogether, leaving Jon Arbuckle alone in his home, frequently talking to himself and his aloof, silent cat. And now, the comic's universe includes the strange franchise known as "Garfield Eats" whose official slogan of "Love Me, Feed Me, Don't Leave" borrowed from the comic's "Love me, feed me, never leave me." The restaurant owners described its creation as their "destiny" and in response to the restaurant, Jim Davis stated "A Garfield-shaped pizza...In 40 years, no one has ever come to me with such a crazy idea..." This quote was made after Davis saw the Garfield movie. The Garfield Eats menu included chocolate Garfuccinos, the Big Agna (lasagna), the Garnivore pizza. The restaurant shuttered in 2021.

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